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Version 1.1 of 01.05.2006

1. Conditions of use and legal requirements
Accessing our websites and intrasystem you are affirming, that you have understood and that you accept the following conditions of use and the legal requirements relating to our websites (and all its contents). If you do not accept the following conditions, please refrain from accessing to our websites and your sites intrasystem (named below "Branch websites").

2. Copyright
All system components on these branch websites are owned exclusively and completely owned exclusively by HELP Media AG (particularly the copyright and other rights), unless something else is expressly mentionned. The components are free usable only for browsing; if any components, wholly or in part in any kind - electronically or in written form - will be reproduced, HELP Media AG has to be mentionned explicitly. Moreover HELP Media AG has to be asked for permission to publish any components.

The published information and data originate from different sources. The sites are mostly administrated by the internet users. If any contents will be subject to a well-founded motion to cancel or change, the cancellation or change will be done immediately by the HELP Media AG.

3. Ownership of the website and trade mark right
"HELP Media AG" as well as the Help-Logo are registered trademaks of the HELP Media AG. The components of the branch websites are built in the way that no licence or authorization for the usage of a picture, a registered trademark or of a logo is granted. Downloading or copying of the branch websites will not grant any rights relating to the software or components of the branch website to you. The HELP Media AG reseves all right (particularly the copyright and the trade mark right) concerning all components on the branch websites and the HELP Media AG will take all options to enforce these rights.

4. Excluded from the service
The branch website is not intended for persons being subject to a jurisdiction, which is prohibiting the publishing or the access to the branch website (in case of nationality or origin of the conerning persons or in case of any other reasons). For such persons is the access to the branch website not allowed.

5. No Warranty
Although the HELP Media AG take special diligence, that the information on the branch websites are accurate at the time of the publication, neither the HELP Media AG nor her contractual partner can give no guarantee or warranty (also to a third party) concerning the accuracy, reliability or completeness. All information on the branch websites may be changed or cancelled without any notification at any time.

6. No engagement
HELP Media AG provides information without any engagement. HELP Media AG also assumes no responsibility and gives no guarantee, that all functions on the branch websites are running uninterruptible and errorless, that errors get repaired or that the servers are steadily free of any virus or other damaging components.

7. Liability exclusion
All liability by the HELP Media AG (including negligence) for any detriments and consequential losses, which are occured by the access or usage of the branch website or its contents or caused by any interrupts of the branch website or its components, is excluded.

8. Links to other websites
No checks to placed links on the branch website will be made by HELP Media AG nor will HELP Media AG take any responsibility for the content of such off-sites or for the content of other websites, which are linked with the branch websites. You will connect to such off-sites or other websites at your own risk.

9. Spidering Websites
Spidering and the use of robots are permitted without permission of HELP Media AG.

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