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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Version 1.6 of 01.06.2007

1. Contract scope
HELP Media AG hereby sells the customer the services specified either in the online store under the sales and delivery conditions (GTC) as specified below.

2. Entering into a contract
In order for a contract to be entered between the customer and HELP Media AG, the order submitted by the customer must first be accepted by HELP Media AG. The customer may place his order via telephone, order card or internet. HELP Media AG accepts the order either by delivering the services to the customer.
Registered companies without customer status receive periodically the publication information and can let themselves be deleted at any time without data of reasons from the listing.

3. Product offerings
Any details about the goods that the customer receivesduring the order process are not binding. This includes modifications to product design and technology, which improve the product's functionality, as well as errors in the product's description, illustrations and pricing details.

4. Payment conditions
All catalog prices are base prices, which are continuously adjusted to the market. Prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF), excluding value-added tax. Invoices are to be paid net within 20 days of invoicing. New customers must pay for their orders via credit card. HELP Media AG may request that also existing customers pay for deliveries via credit card.

5. Intellectual property
HELP Media AG owns the rights to every design, text and graph on its web site. Making a copy or any kind of reproduction of either the entire web site or parts thereof may be made strictly for the purpose of submitting an order to HELP Media AG. HELP Media AG's name, all page headers, navigation bars, graphs, and display symbols are registered trademarks, brands, or protected brands of HELP Media AG. All other trademarks product or company names or logos which are displayed on the web site are the sole property of their legitimate owner. HELP Media AG retains the property rights and copyrights to all illustrations, drawings, calculations and other documents. Before transferring such items to a third party, the customer must request HELP Media AG's explicit agreement in writing.

6. Data protection
HELP Media AG ensures adherence to the regulations of the Swiss data protection laws and the relevant legal standards when inquiring, administering and using person-related data. Transfer of such data to third party partner organizations will occur only when absolutely necessary for proper delivery of services (e.g., for order processing). The customer hereby declares himself in agreement with said use of his personal data. Registered customers and companies receives by email periodic information. The deletion of its published data or the abolition of the informationmails is possible immediately at any time without basic indication.

7. Life of contract
Both parties are authorized to terminate the contract by the end of the agreed and paid period of the advertisment at one month's notice. Without giving notice by either the customer or HELP Media AG, the contract will be prolonged for the period mentioned in the contract.

8. Legal jurisdiction and applicable law
These terms and conditions (GTC) and any contracts entered under this GTC are subject to Swiss law excluding UN purchase rights (CISG). Legal jurisdiction is Freienbach.

9. Concluding requirements
Sales of HELP Media AG products, which are specified on the online shop, are covered exclusively by the version of the general terms and conditions (GTC) that is valid at the point in time the contract is entered into. These terms and conditions (GTC) are particularly valid where they differ from the customer's terms and conditions. Should individual requirements be or become invalid, this has no impact on the legal applicability of the remaining terms and conditions in this GTC. In general, HELP Media AG reserves the right to make changes at any time to these general terms and conditions (GTC).

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